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The Pantheon recommended by Student Erasmus
(Rome, Italy)  10
The Pantheon is a building in Rome which was originally built as a tem ...
Bran Castle recommended by Student Erasmus
(Brasov, Romania)  10
Bran Castle, situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Braso ...
Vidraru Dam recommended by Student Erasmus
(Romania)  10
It is an arch dam built on a foundation of rock, and it was built to p ...
Monument to the Heroes of the Air recommended by Student Erasmus
(Bucharest, Romania)  10
The Romanian Airmen Heroes Memorial (Romanian: Monumentul Eroilor Aeru ...
Fagarasi Mountains recommended by parasanda
(Romania)  10
The tallest mountain from Romania...make this road and you will have m ...

The Great TowerThe Great Tower recommended by U.Y.
(Turkey)  10
The Eiffel TowerThe Eiffel Tower recommended by Student Erasmus
(France)  9.1
Universidade da Beira InteriorUniversidade da Beira Interior recommended by nonnux
(Covilhă, Portugal)  10
Peleș CastlePeleș Castle recommended by NikoNiko
(Sinaia, Romania)  No votes
Berca Mud VolcanoesBerca Mud Volcanoes recommended by Student Erasmus
(Berca, Buzau, Romania)  8
ESN UniBucESN UniBuc recommended by NikoNiko
(Bucharest, Romania)  No votes
Bucharest in One DayBucharest in One Day recommended by NikoNiko
(Bucharest, Romania)  No votes
Irgandi BridgeIrgandi Bridge recommended by bugra_e
(Bursa, Turkey)  No votes
National Opera of BucharestNational Opera of Bucharest recommended by Student Erasmus
(Bucharest, Romania)  9.5
Scărişoara CaveScărişoara Cave recommended by MetalBee
(comuna Gârda de Sus, jud. Alba, Romania)  10

bubi007, comment on hotspot
I forget to write my email -
Gurkan25, comment on hotspot Bran Castle
next year i will be in Brasov :)
Memoire, comment on hotspot The Great Tower
I like the goldern horn
MarisaD, comment on hotspot The Eiffel Tower
Loved this monument. The view from the top is simply amazing and unbelievable. It"s impossible not be in loved with it!
  Hot spots
Akdamar Island
Van, Turkey
          Lake Van is a salt lake – a mysterious inland sea 1,670 m above the sea level in the heart of Anatolian Mountains, Turkey. Nobody can explain the salinity of the water, either the fresh water spring on the island of Akdamar. On this cosy small island, less than 1 sq km in area, there is an incredibl...

Voronet Monastery
Gura Humorului, Romania
          Voronet is a monastery in Romania, located in the town of Gura Humorului, Moldavia. It is one of the famous painted monasteries from southern Bukovina, now in Suceava County. Between May and September 1488, Stephen III of Moldavia (known as "Stephen the Great") built the Voronet Monastery to commemo...

Popasul Fefeleaga
Comuna Bucium, Jud. Alba, Romania
          The perfect place to start visiting Detunatele,The Roman graves from Corabia,Rosia Montană,Rosia Poieni Poiana Narciselor, Vf. vâlcoi, Bucium izbita

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