Covilh„, Portugal

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Added on: 2010-08-05 12:25:39
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          Located in Covilh„, UBI is an unique university, and is deployed in buildings of high historical value, cultural and architectural heritage. The academic life of UBI is celebrated and lived with particular enthusiasm.

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ESN International
Bruxelles, Belgium
          Erasmus Student Network rules!

Popasul Fefeleaga
Comuna Bucium, Jud. Alba, Romania
          The perfect place to start visiting Detunatele,The Roman graves from Corabia,Rosia Montan„,Rosia Poieni Poiana Narciselor, Vf. v‚lcoi, Bucium izbita

The Village Museum
          Is an open-air ethnographic museum located in the Herăstrău Park (Bucharest, Romania), showcasing traditional Romanian village life.

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