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About my Erasmus experience
How would you call a great study experience, making friends, discovering interculturality and discovering yourself in just one word? ERASMUS!
This is how I would describe my ERASMUS experience at Viadrina as a whole. Why?

Because the courses I took and the teachers I had - both from Germany and from Poland (that is because the university in right on the border with Poland) - did live up to my expectations. I had the possibility to choose courses on culture, communication, political and european studies. What I particularly liked was the dynamic of the courses: they were not simple lectures, but very interactive. The teachers were actually having a dialogue with the students and, for humanities studies, I think this is very important, since you can express your opinions and confront them with the opinions of the others.

The town, even though it is quite small, was, at the time of my ERASMUS experience, starting to become famous as an universitary town. Berlin is quite near and you have a card with which you cand travel in the land for free. So visit Berlin a lot!

The ERASMUS students are those from whom I learned so much about diversity, interculturality, friendship. I lived in a dormitory with a girl from Slovenia and a girl from Germany. My neighbours were from Poland, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Denmark and the list could go on and on... It was the best way to discover diversity, by long talks during the evenings, trips in Germany, intercultural birthday surprise parties, meetings in Die Grotte...

All in all, an experience that made me richer.

Studentenwerk rules! The student organisation that is in charge that the ERASMUS students have a smooth adaptation are doing a great job and organising a lot of programmes.

You can choose courses in English.

In case you were thinking of renting a flat, my advice is that you stay in a dormitory. The best way to make friends!

If you want to work during your studies, you can try and talk to a teacher and do some research for the university. I had friends who did that.

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