sofan catalina, former Erasmus student, age 30 from Romania

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UNIVERSIT… DU HAVRE (Le Havre, France)
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About my Erasmus experience
Hi you there,

I chose going to France (6th Feb- 26th June 2008) because I wanted to see another way of teaching chemistry, another education system. From this point of view it wasnít exactly what I was expected for, but I can not say it was bad. What I liked most was organic chemistry. There are two teachers, Mr. Dalla and Mr.Netchitailo, whose courses are very interesting and very well explained and itís a great benefit for your knowledge unless you miss their class.
I didnít like Mr. Sarafian, whose course of Biochemistry was so boring. Anyway, you have to be present at school almost (:P ) all the time otherwise you can have problems with your credits.
Concerning examination, there are only two weeks for 9 or 10 exams, so be carefully and plan your study during the semester. Be aware that the French educational system is quite demanding and youíll have lots of projects and homeworks to do. At least I did.
Nevertheless, the whole experience was really cool.
Keep in touch. Coming soon with new info.

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