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  Hot spots
Halic - Golden Horn
Istanbul, Turkey
          Golden Horn / Halic Golden Horn(Haliç) Like Ýstanbul’s geographical location is an influential factor at the development of Ýstanbul during the ages, Golden Horn which is a deep natural and secure harbor for the European side pensinsula is too. The name of “Golden Horn” is given according to t...

Monument to the Heroes of the Air
Bucharest, Romania
          The Romanian Airmen Heroes Memorial (Romanian: Monumentul Eroilor Aerului), located in the Aviators' Square, on Aviators’ Boulevard, Bucharest, Romania, was built between 1930 and 1935 by the architect and sculptress Lidia Kotzebuie (1885–1944), and by Iosif Fekete. The structure, 20 m (65.6 ft) hig...

Akdamar Island
Van, Turkey
          Lake Van is a salt lake – a mysterious inland sea 1,670 m above the sea level in the heart of Anatolian Mountains, Turkey. Nobody can explain the salinity of the water, either the fresh water spring on the island of Akdamar. On this cosy small island, less than 1 sq km in area, there is an incredibl...

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