Lorient, France


The Université de Bretagne-Sud (UBS), University of South Brittany, is a young institution created in February 1995 with full university status. It has competence in scientific, vocational and cultural education and research. It is a modern multidisciplinary and vocational institution of human dimension.
With its 698 employees, 436 of whom are lecturing and research staff, UBS has 7818 students studying in some 81 degrees and diplomas from undergraduate to doctoral studies.
UBS is located on three sites (Lorient, Vannes and Pontivy) with different specialities on each of them.
Internationalisation awareness has been growing at UBS. In the academic year 2008-2009, 392 UBS students went abroad to study (147) or to do internships (245). The number was only 225 in 2004-2005.
UBS is also involved in International exchange and cooperation programmes. In addition to standard Erasmus exchange programmes, UBS is also the lead institution of two Erasmus Intensive programmes (IP), one in accounting and the other one in legal translation. Most of its research centers are involved in European research projects.
Binannually since 2006, UBS has been organizing international conferences on international cooperation programmes to foster internationalization among its foreign partner institutions.


4, rue Jean Zay, Lorient, France


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