Arad, Romania


\"Aurel Vlaicu\" University of Arad is a state higher education institution, accredited and acknowledged by ARACIS as presenting a \"high degree of confidence\", continuing the tradition of university education in the Arad area which started with the: Theology Institute (1822), the Livestock and Veterinary Medicine Faculty (1947), the Engineering Institute (1972).
\"Aurel Vlaicu\" University of Arad is a distinct academic community functioning under the provisions of the Romanian Constitution, of the laws and regulations applied to the educational system. UAV follows and promotes the European conventions regarding higher education.
The Academic Curricula, for all the Faculties are connected with European Credits Transfer System (ECTS) since 1999, so that Diplomas as well as periods of study may be recognized all over EU. Through Erasmus/LLP Programme the students can attend, for a period of time, the courses of another university in our country or abroad. The University guarantees full academic recognition for all Erasmus students that take part in the mobility programme.
The University is structured now in 9 Faculties and 12 Departments, having more than: 10.000 students; 477 academic staff, over 45.516 m2 of educational premises, course and seminar halls, computerized laboratories with last generation technology. The 9 faculties are: Economic Sciences; Engineering; Food Engineering, Tourism And Environmental Protection; Human And Social Sciences; Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Work; Exact Sciences; Theology; Physical Education And Sports; Design.
Aurel Vlaicu University offers the students a large variety of facilities, such as: the University Central Library, the Residence Hall and the Canteen, the Sport Hall.
The Residence Hall and the Canteen of the University (situated on 5 -7 Ursului Str.,Arad) offers the students modern dormitories and various meals. For foreign students a room in Student\'s Residence charged at 50 Euro. Cost for 10 lunches in the student\'s canteen is 50 EUR.
The Bureau for Community Programmes (BPC), offers information and counselling both for the incoming and outgoing students. Incoming students receive extensive support from Student Service department, which provides accomodation to all incoming students and offers assistance and advice on other practical issues. Former Erasmus students and the Students\' League from University are also involved in the activity of suporting the mobile participants. In cooperation with the Students\' League, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad arrange social events for international and national students, such as sports events, parties, trips.
tel.+40-257-283010, fax +40-257-280070
Information for Erasmus incoming students:


B-dul Revoluţiei no. 77, 310130, Arad, Romania


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