Cluj Napoca, Romania


Medical education has a long tradition in Cluj.
The medical education has its start in the Middle Ages and has been intensively developed at the end of the XIX-th century and the beginning of the XX-th century. Distinguished professors of our university have come to the fore and have enjoyed acknowledgement and prestige in the entire world. For example, Victor Babes, a renowned specialist in the field of microbiology; Emil Racovit„, polar explorer and founder of biospeleology; Iuliu Moldovan, a pioneer in public sanity policies; Iuliu Hatieganu, the brightest clinician in Transylvania; Valeriu Bologa, one of the most important medical historians in Europe; Octavian Fodor, the father of gastroenterology in Romania, and many others.
Those who have been taught by these personalities have become highly respected physicians throughout the world, by virtue of the knowledge acquired pending their studies at this university.
After the dramatic political, economical, and social changes in 1989, our university has entered changes in image and organization. The spiritual life has become more dynamic, the logistic support more substantial, and the methods have been improved and modernized. Each member of our staff has benefited by at least a formation opportunity in a West European country or in the United States, by participations to international conventions, and by training in new techniques.
We have modernized the existing education spaces, and have built several others. The number of students has grown from 7,000 in the year 2000, to 7,500 in 2004, and over 8,000 in 2006. Owing in a great measure to the rising number of foreign students, The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj has become an international institution. The students have the possibility to train in English or in French. The number of students registered to post university programs has also grown along with the diversification of these programs. An efficient financial management has allowed a continuous annual development. The large majority of our guests are well-pleased to meet professors who are so open/friendly, so well trained, speaking more foreign languages.
Our students have the opportunity to study in very modern conditions, and to participate at courses held in well equipped lecture rooms. Students have a rich library, with a personalized service, at their hand. Leisure time can be spent at the sports centre of our university or by participating to the various cultural activities hosted by our city, but also by visiting the show places from the surroundings. School taxes are very accessible, and life cost is not high.
The city of Cluj-Napoca lies in the heart of Transylvania, a region located in the heart/centre of our country. Sat on a valley surrounded by hills, the city is crossed by the river Someșul Mic, and has a history of more than 2,000 years. It is a beautiful city, with good infrastructure, with a rich cultural life, and many yound people studying in the 6 local universities. The multicultural hall-mark dates for more than 1,000 years, and its inhabitants are tolerant and friendly. Many of the former students in medicine have fallen for this city and have settled here, forming their families. Jokingly, we can say that this is the only danger looking out for he/she who wishes to study here.
We are proud to invite you to read these lines and, reductively, to come and see us working.

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- +40 264 406 829


Str. Emil Isac nr.13; 400023 Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Napoca, Romania


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