Constanta, Romania


“Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy – ANMB - is a military poly-technical higher education university assigned to educate and train maritime officers (engineers) for the Romanian Navy and for the Merchant Marine industry. ANMB basically consists of two faculties: the Navy Faculty and the Merchant Marine Faculty, joined by other supporting departments: Foreign Languages Dept., Training Ships Squadron, IT Centre, library, workshop, swimming pool and so on.
It has been founded on November the 17th 1872 as the “Flotilla School” and have educated both military and commercial seafarers ever since. The Naval Academy is formally accredited as a higher education institution since 1954. It is periodically assessed by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research in order to be recognized as a sound higher education university that complies to all the educational requirements and quality standards.
International relationships represent traditional and important features of ANMB, due to the specific educational goals. Both military and civilian students’ curricula are strongly related to the international educational and vocational requirements. The merchant marine officers’ learning programmes fully comply to the International Maritime Organization and to the Directive 2001/25/EC on the minimum level of training of seafarers – which are the main guidelines within the maritime field for a common European educational space.
ANMB considers that Erasmus actions are most valuable means to providing the knowledge, skills and attitudes proper to its students – future European specialists and citizens, as well.
The ANMB’s growing experience in international mutual or multi-lateral E&T and economic actions is an useful asset in implementing would-be activities under LLP and Erasmus framework. Such actions will positively enhance the quality and the flexibility of the ANMB’s student curricula. In the meantime, the teaching and administrative staff will take advantage of the new methods and procedures of modern learning, research and development.
ANMB complies to and enforces the equality of chances in the educational process. There is no discrimination applying to any student or staff based on gender, religion, race or nationality. Sexual orientation is considered not to affect anyone’s professional capabilities or social integration. Constanta, the city where ANMB is located, is well-known in Romania for its colorful variety of national minorities (Turks, Tatars, Bulgarians, Greeks, Arabs, etc.) and religions (Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, etc.). Male and female students are equally encouraged to apply to either ANMB’s faculties.

The link below towards all info about the Erasmus programme:

- +40241 626 200


1st Fulgerului str, Constanta, 900218, Constanta, Romania


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