Bucuresti, Romania


Ecological University of Bucharest has been accredited and set up by Law nr.282/2003

Ecological University of Bucharest has a special, well-defined place in the present Romanian educational system.

It isnít just only the first private university in Romania, founded on April 4th, 1990, with a tradition that began in 1865, but also the unique institution of higher education in our country whose main objective is to ensure an ecological education complementary to the traditional education and professions. Consequently, in ď Alma Materís Ē amphitheaters the specialist in a certain domain receives important information on the preservation of the environment, a high regard for nature as such from the perspective of his future career.
This is a mission that offers the present system of higher education a new dimension, which is indispensable for its modernization and the full and rapid connection with western civilization.
The Christian vocation of the Romanians, the Latin origin of their language, their love for nature - converted now into modern ecology - confirm the unquestionable belonging of the Romanians to Europe. Thanks to all these, Ecological University of Bucharest is an open door towards the western world.
Therefore, get enrolled in The Ecological University of Bucharest, where you can be properly trained for the future, and you can benefit of the assistance of an outstanding teaching staff. Thus, you will be ready to step into the first century of the third millennium, and you will be prepared to face the new and important challenges of the present and of the future.
Mircea DUTU, Ph.D., Professor of Law

Ecological University of Bucharest is integrated in a network of international programmes, such as ERASMUS, SEE. Students of the Ecological University of Bucharest benefit from training or specialised study in universities of Western Europe (Island, Norway, France, Spain).

Phone number: +4021 316 7932

Here you have the link towards the information about the campus:


Bd.Vasile Milea, No. 1G, Bucharest, 061341, Bucuresti, Romania


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