Ploiesti, Romania


Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti is a traditional higher education institution with a unique structure within our country.
PUG was founded in Bucharest, in 1948, under the name of Petroleum and Gas Institute. The Institute had, from the beginning, as a main aim, to train specialists in different branches of the petroleum and gas industry (exploring and exploiting hydrocarbon deposits, hydrocarbon transportation, depositing and distribution, hydrocarbon processing and petrochemistry, machineries, equipments and tools for the petroleum and gas industry, petroleum industry management,environmental engineering etc.).
In the process, training areas have been constantly expanded and developed, reaching PUG complex structure of today. The present academic structure of Petroleum-Gas University includes five faculties: The Faculty of Petroleum and Gas Engineering, The Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, The Faculty of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry, The Faculty of Economic Sciences, The Faculty of Letters and Sciences. In the university year 2012-2013, PUG has over 9000 students.
Beginning with 2001, our university included a new educational offer, providing Open and Distance Learning courses.
All the specializations within PUG are accredited and the degrees granted by the technical faculties have been accepted all over the world.
Petroleum-Gas University campus has a rich material base which includes: 80 rooms for seminars, 9 amphitheaters with a capacity of over 100 seats and a room of 500 seats ( The University Hall), 140 laboratories and workshop rooms, equipped with teaching and research equipment, used for both teaching and researching activities developed by the young researchers (Phd students) and the University teaching staff, a library with reading rooms, a department of bibliographic information, a publishing house, a computer network connected to the Internet, a gym room, playgrounds, 7 students’ hostels, a cultural center for students, a medical assistance office.
Since 2008, Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti has had the highest ranking mark „Institution with the highest level of trust”, from the Romanian Agency for Quality Assuarance in Higher Education, after a thorough assessment process.

Below you have the link towards Erasmus programme and accommodation:


B-dul Bucureşti, nr. 39 , cod 100680,
Ploieşti, România, PO BOX 52

Tel.: + 40 - 244.573 171, 0244 573 555, 0244 575 568, 0244 575 554, 0244 575 540, 0244 575 600
Fax: + 40 - 244.575 847


Bvd. Bucuresti, No. 39, Ploiesti, 100680, Ploiesti, Romania


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