Constanta, Romania


Andrei Saguna" University acquired legal personality on 15th May 1992, being the first private higher educational institution, non-profit organization, established in the southeast of the country, and was accredited as a legal entity of private and public law, part of the National Education system, by Law no 116/2005. It is affiliated to the Erasmus European university exchange program.
The University continues to conduct scientific research through centers, laboratories and its departments, investing in new technologies in education. These activities have as objectives the contribution to knowledge of European values, the increase of scientific quality in society, the affirmation of the scientific performance of the academic community, as part of the Romanian and European scientific communities, but also as part of inter-university collaboration.
For 20 years, the University has developed international cooperation relations with similar institutions, in close relation to the specific needs of the area.
Since 1998, the University "Andrei Saguna" is part of the Black Sea Universities Network, along with 81 other universities from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Romania.
Fructifying its involvement in cultural and scientific activities in the Balkans, the University organizes a permanent exchange of delegations with similar institutions from Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece.
In 1998, the University received from the Foundation the official nomination as official representative of Constanta in relation to Shanghai, in order to conduct cultural and scientific programs with institutions from China.
Since 2011 , the University is a member of the EURAS and founding member of the Black Sea and Caucasus Cooperation Network.
The scientific research Center, which is organized within the University, was established in order to focus and develop professional experience, to conduct a performing scientific research in juridical sciences, communication, international and community relations, economic, psychology, sociology, and public administration, by stimulating collaboration, exchange of ideas and capitalization the experience of all specialists in the University Center, while helping and encouraging students’ research.
The center is open to scientific collaboration both between all institutions and units in the field in Romania and abroad, for which there may be done bilateral agreements, and in national or international programs.
The Research programme, represented by the following centers: Andrei Saguna Informatics and Communication Center, where studies are being done, such as designing banking informational systems, software for budgetary institutions and public administration, researches in accounting, audit and financial administration, studies and projects dealing with mathematical methods in prevision and planning; The Center of Social Studies and Surveys where researches in public opinion's behavior, evaluation of media effects, electoral studies and political communication are being done, Vlachs Studies Institute (history, culture and civilization studies and researches regarding the preservation and development of Vlachs cultural patrimony, threatened with disappearing, studies dealing with the Vlachs role in the European Integration process.

The first experience start with:
"Democracy' 96" is a civic and political education programme, financed by the European Union, part of Phare Programme for Democracy. It was held in august 1995, for 12 months and involved NGO's and political parties, being highly appreciated by the local authorities and by the EU's representatives.
The "Media Civica" Programme financed from Phare funds took place from August 1997 to February 1998 and included training courses for non-governmental organizations from Constanta, radio-TV shows and monthly information news "NGO Echoes".

On present:
P1 Transnational Network of the European Journalism Observatory (EJO), 2011-2013, financed by SCOPES
P4. OPERA DGR 418/30/03/2006 – vocational training in Bulgaria, Croaşia, România, Turcia, 2006-2009, - total 26.969 euro Within the project Docento Europeo: move'in science (partners from IT, RO, BE, SK, LT, DE) 13648-2007 COMENIUS-CMP-IT, 2007-2009, Value of 300,000 Euro, which had as main objective the development of skills and knowledge in education, with specific reference to the methodology PCK (pedagogical knowledge) there were tested new methodologies for seminar-type activities and it was prepared a guide with pedagogical materials for PCK development, published on line. There was also made an exchange of experience and methods to develop PCK methodology for teachers of science and technology through mobility actions abroad, thus contributing to the implementation of the idea of internationalization of the cooperation between educational institutions.
POSDRU the continuous training of Mathematics and Economics teachers in the knowledge society, the coordinating institution Andrei Saguna University, 2011-2014, 18,419,186 lei includes professional development activities and teaching career opportunities. The general objective of the project is training and skills development of the teachers in Mathematics and Economics fields.


- +40241.662.520


Bd. Al. Lapusneanu nr 13, Constanta, 900916, Romania, Constanta, Romania


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