Bucuresti, Romania


The Military Technical Academy is a military higher education institution, under the Ministry of National Defence, accredited by the Romanian Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance, which carries out academic training of officers and other specialists in the technical fields of the fundamental domain “Engineering Sciences” for the MoND and the other structures of the national defence, public order and national security system. It also provides training upon request for other national and international beneficiaries.
The Military Technical Academy organizes academic and applied, basic and cognitive scientific research, technological development, testing and evaluation, standards development, technical studies, as well as experimenting and upgrading of military equipment.
The research areas in which MTA is involved - Information Security, GEOINT Analysis and Exploitation, Explosive Materials Analysis, Determination and Safety Assessment, Microwaves, Thermodynamics, Combustion, Aero-acoustics etc. - , also support the academic training process. In these activities there are involved professors and associated professors, scientists, Ph.D. and master students, as well as undergraduates which are organized into interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams.

Military Technical Academy is accredited to organize:
• Bachelor studies in 11 fields with 17 programs of study;
• Master studies in 5 domains with 6 programs of study;
• Ph.D. studies in 7 domains with 38 attested Ph.D advisors;
• Career and development courses.

The Military Technical Academy is organized into: two Faculties, a Department of Foreign Languages, a Technical College of Defence and Security, a Center of Scientific Research and Technology Transfer, specialized structures for military training as well as logistics and maintenance structures.
Military Technical Academy following institutional evaluation by the Agency of Higher Education Quality Assurance attained a “HIGH CONFIDENCE” rating.
In the study carried out by Kienbaum Management Consultants together with the Capital Magazine, our institution comes the third in the hierarchy of technical universities in Romania. As far as “theoretical training” and “Practical training” the Military Technical Academy came the first. This study reflects employers’ opinion concerning graduates’ competencies.

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81-83 Bl. George Cosbuc, cod 050141, sector 5, Bucuresti, ROMANIA, Bucuresti, Romania


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